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Professional Brush Hogging Service

Even some of the best residential and business lawn mowers can’t take on thick and overgrown fields of grass. If this is the case, contact our brush hogging team. Our brush hogging services are made to cut through ditches, backyards, pastures and dry retention ponds overtaken by tall grass. No hilly or large size terrain stands in the way of completing a clean cut. Our professional brush hogging company uses high performing equipment that will mow vast areas of land.

Brush Hogging All Types of Properties

If you need a plot of land prepared for farming or construction development, then ditch the lawn mower. Our brush hogging professionals have the equipment required to prepare your lot for your project and other plans. We cut back overgrown grass, trees and other vegetation while protecting the surface of the soil to nourish plants and wildflowers. We gladly brush hog the following terrains:

  • Pastures
  • Backyards
  • Ditches
  • Fields
  • Dry Lake Shores
  • Vacant Lots
  • Roadsides
  • Large Private Properties

No matter how overgrown your land is, we have the manpower and expertise to take down any vegetation that stands in the way of your plans. Experienced in wiping out weeds, shrubs and everything in between, our brush hogging experts in Forest has familiarity with the process to prep your lot. If you’re ready to cut back weeds and vegetation that serve your land no benefit, then contact our Virginia brush hogging company. Lewis Carroll intends to foster better nutritious soil and help nearby plants thrive with reliable and environmentally friendly brush hogging services.

In 2 days, Lewis and 1 employee took down 5 trees; 4 tall ones; cut them up; removed them from the property; and cleaned the areas. Outstanding professional service and fair price. I will use him again

Thomas D.

You’ll never find a nicer and more hardworking down to earth guy than Lewis. Highly recommend him.

Ted C.

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