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Lawn Seeding 101: Lawn Care Services From the Best Team

What’s the one thing you want for your home? Most of us would answer “a well-manicured lawn.” For many of us, though, that’s easier said than done. Here at Lewis Carroll, we specialize in world-class lawn seeding and Landscape services designed to help you create a lush, welcoming green space. Don’t compromise with your Landscape services go for the best with Lewis Carroll. We offer lawn fertilization, aeration services, mowing, and more.

Before You Start Seeding Your Lawn

Do you have to call Lewis Carroll for all your lawn seeding needs? The answer is no. There are dozens of simple maintenance tasks you can handle on your own. Here are a few ways to prepare your lawn to be as beautiful as possible:

  • Check out the soil. Your soil is the foundation of everything else in your yard. Because of that, it’s essential to treat it well. Before you seed your lawn, evaluate the soil levels. A professional company can help do this for you.
  • Don’t apply a weed killer. You should also stay away from using weed and feed fertilizer if you’re planning to seed your yard. It would help if you didn’t aim to control weeds until after the grass has been seeded.

Ready to start seeding your lawn? Our team can help you. Contact us for landscaping services and more.

In 2 days, Lewis and 1 employee took down 5 trees; 4 tall ones; cut them up; removed them from the property; and cleaned the areas. Outstanding professional service and fair price. I will use him again

Thomas D.

You’ll never find a nicer and more hardworking down to earth guy than Lewis. Highly recommend him.

Ted C.

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